AGS: Support Labour Resolution

We, the organisation of representatives of enterprises and entrepreneurs in Socialist and Social Democratic Parties in EU member states (SE4DS), in our board meeting on October 21, 2022, urge our dear comrades of the British Labour Party:


As we observe from the Continent how dramatically the conservative Tory Party has failed the British people over the last few years, and indeed could only fail because the world is interconnected in a way never before seen, we urgently ask you, our comrades in Labour, to overcome the catastrophic consequences of Brexit in your plans and manifestos for new elections, whenever they may come.

Nobody is an island anymore!

Put your full weight as a party, as indeed the party and voice of reason, economic understanding and scientific belief, of the working people in Great Britain, as internationalists behind a campaign to improve relations with the EU for the benefit of your population as well as indeed of all people in the European Union. Join us, the European family, the European economic bloc again as far as possible, if not by undoing BREXIT but by alleviating its negative consequences as far as possible.

Maybe the option of entering the European Economic Area (EEA) is an alternative.

Let us engage in new agreements to strengthen your and our position in an ever more complicated and conflict-ridden world.

We will welcome you with open arms, comrades, brothers and sisters!


AGS Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Selbstständigen in der SPD, Germany

CNE, Commission Nationale Entreprises du Parti Socialiste, France

Rode Ondernemers, Netwerk de Rode Ondernemers, Netherlands

SWV, Sozialdemokratischer Wirtschaftsverband, Austria

UPTA, Union de Professionales y Trabajadores Autonomos, Spain